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Forex Trading Signals and Analysis  


Welcome to the Forex 618  trading signal service. Please carefully read the notes on this information page, and ensure you understand how we work, your obligations (especially your alerts, time and money management) and that you have read the risk disclaimers.  

Our Philosophy of work

Forex 618 is dedicated to providing Forex traders with timeous, accurate and profitable signals with the lowest possible risk exposure. Our service is aimed at skilled and novice traders alike in order to provide the best possible chance of harvesting profits from the daily movements of international currency prices. We aim to provide a service with the highest possible standards of integrity, professionalism and reporting accuracy.

Unique service, steady profits

Top service from an experienced fund trader - focusing on the three most important currency pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY

Follow our proven G7 model trades as we call them in our online Forex trading room and send them to you by email.

Daily reports on the three majors, including chart analysis, trend direction, reversal levels, entry levels and commentary.

We focus on risk minimization and low maximum drawdown

No scalping or huge correlated exposure - consistent, low risk service

We target 80-100 pips per week - our track record is available in verifiable broker reports 

We trade during fixed hours - between 6AM CET to 6PM CET (click here to see CET time right now)


Our trading times  

We are situated in the European time zone.

Our G7 trading takes place between 5AM - 5PM CET. This period covers the most important market session, namely the early London/European market right up to the early New York market,  and enables us to capture the key market moves. To find out how this time zone relates to your own time zone, please click here

We also occasionally send alerts on Sunday in preparation for the market opening, so members are encouraged to check their email and/or trading room alerts on Sunday prior to the market open.


Trades are posted by email and in our online trading room during the period 6AM - 6PM CET, covering the early European through to the early New York market periods, with most days producing 1-2 trade signals.

Entry signals are generated by our trading model when the technical entry levels given in the daily currency report  line up with hourly price action, and favorable probability levels given by our G7 model. These signals can be sent at any time during our trading period, but are most often sent at the hour roll-over (top of the hour)

Upon receiving the alert, the trader should enter the market at the given price (or better) and place the protective stop loss at the suggested level. Trailing stop losses may sometimes be initiated after 30-50 pips profit is achieved, and many trades are closed on the same day they were opened, if the profit/loss situation allows. Profit limits are at 200 pips or earlier if we advise.

Trades are only posted if and when our model produces a signal. Some days there may be none. We will normally try to advise on the probability of signals early in the day, to allow clients to plan their days. This is not always possible due to the nature of trading and the need to be ready to trade at any time.

G7 Targets and stop losses

Stop losses are usually not more than 30-50 pips per currency pair.

G7 Risk management

We strongly advise that all traders using our service understand and apply sound risk management principles. This includes keeping leverage to a sensible level (we advise no more than 5:1), not trading with money you cannot afford to lose, and ensuring that stop losses are always applied as recommended.

Our trading model indicates that a maximum drawdown of 500 pips should be allowed for. Although this is very unlikely, it always remains a possibility, and traders should manage their account equity and margin requirements accordingly.

If you are not sure about the principles or risk management, contact your broker and ask for more information on the subject.

G7 Results and targets

We aim for 80-100 pips per week. This is equivalent to 360-400 pips per month. These profits may come all at once in one trade, or may come in smaller packages, depending on the market conditions. We will often enter the market with one currency pair only, phasing others in after the market has moved one way or the other.

When we have met or exceeded our weekly target, signals are sometimes stopped until the following week, even if this should occur early in the week. This enables traders to rest and enjoy a break, and protects profits, considering the cyclical nature of the trading model.

Actual results for this service can be viewed at

Once again,  please bear in mind that we target 80-100 pips per week, and 360-400 pips per month. When the weekly target is met, we may stop for the week. We are not trying to make more than our target, as our strategy is based on achieving low risk, low drawdown, high Sharpe ratio and a consistent equity curve. These qualities are the key to success in trading any market, and are far more valuable to experienced investors than highly volatile, high return strategies - which often end up "blowing out".

Please read the disclosures on risk at  very carefully.

Trading frequency

Our objective is to meet our monthly target of 360-400 pips per month with as few trades as possible. Why?

  • Trading is expensive. Each trade you take costs you 2-5 pips in spreads plus sometimes a commission

  • Trading is tiring. The more often you trade, the more you have to sit in front of your computer and the more mistakes you will eventually make

  • Trading is risky. The more often you trade, the lower your % winners will become and the higher the possibility of losing. Fewer, more selective trades helps to keep the odds in your favour.

  • Trading is fun. Keep it that way. Overtrading eventually makes it boring, frustrating and tedious

Contacting us

If you have any problems at all, please email us on [email protected] and we will help you get going as soon as possible!

Although we try to comprehensively answer as many questions as possible, sometimes trading focus and the volume of work prohibits immediate reply. Please read through this information page carefully before sending us questions which may already have been answered here.

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