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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1.Trading related questions

Our trading system, charts, G7 entries, Money management, and other trading questions

2. Services/receiving signals

Trading room, forum, email alerts, signals, alerts, member's services, auto-trading, change email address

3. Billing/receiving products

Payments, alternative payment methods, downloading products

4. Email direct

Direct email to Forex-Science or Forex618 management, for queries on affiliate programs, JV's, non-service related queries, offers, or unanswered emails/questions










Trading system, charts, G7 entries, Money management, and other trading questions

How do I find out more about how your signals work?

Please visit to read about our signals method and philosophy.

Further, please read our G7 trade guide at

If you would like FREE additional training and information on our trading system and Forex trading in general, we would love to send you regular training/informational emails to help you get on your way to success! 

If I am following your signals, how do I found out more about how the system works?

Please visit to get more information on the G7 system which we use. The book will explain the entire system to you, so you can follow on with complete understanding of how the signals are generated.

If I have purchased the G7 system at, why do I need to continue subscribing to your services?

Trading can be very lonely and difficult to master on your own. By staying with our signal service, you have a complete understanding of what we are doing, and you gain the reassurance that your understanding of our system is correct. You also gain the support and insights of fellow traders and experts trading the same system as you.

I have lost half of my account today! Your system doesn’t work! How am I going to survive?

Money management is one of the secrets of all successful traders. It is impossible to loose half of your account in one lost trade using the G7 Trading System and its rule on Money Management. The golden rule of Money Management is trading with the correct leverage.

If you are intent on making a long-term success of trading forex, it is essential to have discipline and follow this money management rule. One lost trade should not affect you or your account significantly.

We guarantee that the G7 book will guide you further and even though you will get our traded signals for 1 month for free, I strongly suggest you follow this advice always. This will also help you gain confidence and become more experienced.

Trading room, forum, email alerts, signals, alerts, member's services, auto-trading

Do you provide mobile phone alerts?

Yes we do! Click here to read more

Can I change my email address for alerts?

Just email us at trading at (replace the "at" with @) with your old and your new email address to let us know.

What are your trading times

Our trading times are detailed for you in your own time zone here

I am new here. How do I receive your signals?

We post all our signals in our Trade Room. We strongly recommend traders to login to our Trade Room. There you will receive alerts instantly and they are the most reliable method of alert service.

Our Trade Room is at: and the password you will receive with your next email.

We will also send you an email alert so that you can keep a record of our trades. 

Is it not possible for you to warn me just before you enter a trade? That way I can be ready!

We cannot be sure until at that moment when we send you the instant alert. At times it may appear that we may enter and then we back off at the last moment due to price action, etc. If we begin to “warn” our members our focus on the trade at hand is removed and we also will not have access to our email facility as all the emails for the “warning” may still be going out. We therefore provide you with a Daily Report so that you can gain further insight into the areas where we expect the best risk/reward trades to occur. There you will find clearly displayed in the report the approximate entry levels for both the trend trades as well as the entry levels for the counter-trend trades.

How do I get into the trading room?

The trading room can be accessed by visiting Your username is your choice and the password will be sent to you with your first trade alert.

I am unable to login to the Trade Room. It states Invalid User name or password?

First make sure that you are at the correct address. Go to Once there REFRESH the page once or several times if you need to. Use your NAME as your login ID and the password can be found in every email alert sent to you. If you have not yet received an alert, let us know by email at trading at (replace the "at" with @) Make sure that you type the password in lower case without adding the inverted commas.

Other Trading Room access problems:

 For all trading room problems, please visit

 If you suspect that you don't have Java installed, try the 4th option first.


I am using a computer behind a firewall, or in a work/education environment. How can I connect?

If you are having difficulty connecting from behind a firewall, you may wish to consider purchasing the Firewall Friendly module or upgrading to the Enterprise edition. If you do not have the Firewall Friendly module and wish to adjust your firewall settings to allow connections to our chat servers, please continue reading: 

Before continuing, you will need the following information: 

1. Your assigned server host - To determine your assigned server, you will need to look at your chat room link code. Find the text that begins with codebase=. Look for the text that looks like "client?" or "client?". (Note: you will see a number in place of the question mark) This is your assigned server host. I.e., 

2. Your assigned server port. This can be found in the Advanced settings section of your control panel. If you have not changed your server port. Your server port number will be between 8000 and 8009.

If you are unable to determine the above information, please submit a support ticket. We will be happy to assist you.

You, or your network administrator will need to allow TCP access on your chat room port (or simply all ports 8000 through 8009) at your assigned server host. On some LAN firewalls, you may simply set the security setting to "Low" while you wish to use our chat software.

 I already have the Firewall Friendly Module; how do I configure it?

Login to your Account Control Panel from

Click the Settings tab

Select the Advanced Link in the submenu

Find the section labeled Tunnel (Proxy) Connections

Set Allow Tunnel Connections to Yes

Click the Click Here To Save Changes button

If you're already logged in to your chat room, please logout then click your browser's refresh button for the new control panel changes to take effect.  

That is all! We'll take care of everything else for you. The next time a user behind a strict firewall attempts to login, AddonChat will first try to connect this person through a fast direct connection. Should this fail, we will automatically log the user in through a special HTTP Proxy connection on port 80. Firewall connections are somewhat slower due to the nature of the HTTP protocol; however it is the best solution for ensuring that users behind strict firewalls can easily gain access to your chat room.

Is there a member's page?

Yes, at At this page you will find information on topics such as auto trading, our video library and other links.

Is there any online support for traders trading your system?

Yes there is! Since the end of August 2007 we will have a fully interactive support system, including online chat room facilities and a forum for members. Details at

Do you offer auto-trading?

Yes we do! This is a service provided by a third party and is not managed by us. Please visit and also for details.

Billing - payments, alternative payment methods, downloading products

Where can I find details on all the membership options available to me in a simple table? 

Please go to for further clarity, thank you

Do you have alternative payment methods?

Please visit for alternative methods of payment.

Bank Details for wire transfer

Please wire fee plus costs to: 

Lloyds TSB Jersey, Channel Isles, Account name: James de Wet, Account # 02286431, Branch # 30-16-42, SWIFT: LOYDGB2L

You keep sending me marketing emails and I have already subscribed!

You need to visit our special member's link to unsubscribe from our sales list and subscribe to our member's newsletter. Please email us on trading at to ask for the link.

I subscribed for the G7 System Book, but am not able to download/have not received the link

Download instructions were given to you on the page you were directed to immediately after you paid, and sent to you by email. Please check your email in-box or "junk" folder, or re-visit the download page. If you are still having problems, please email trading at (replace the "at" with @) with your clickbank receipt number and we will immediately re-send you the link.

Is there any incentive for me to refer friends to your service?

Yes there is! Visit to find out how you can get $47 in CASH for each and every friend you refer to us.

Email Direct

Please email us on trading at or trading at (replace the "at" with @) for any other queries, or unanswered questions


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