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Auto-trading means that our signals are sent automatically to your trading account and to your email/SMS. You control the account, the position size and can override any signals you want to. You can monitor every single trade, or you can leave it alone to trade automatically. The choice is yours.

How it works

This service is provided for you through our partnership with  www.fx-auto.com

1.We send our signals to a special email address you will receive when you sign-up at Fx-Auto. They charge a very small fee for the service.

2. When their computers receive our signal, they will instantly send the signal to your trading account, including open, stop loss and close, all within 1-2 seconds.

3. The system will close the trade when we send the close signal, or automatically when the profit target or stop loss is reached.

The system will only activate trades on your account according to your specific instructions on position size, currencies allowed, maximum stops etc. You are also able to override the trades any time you want to and adjust entries or exits if you feel it is required.

You are also able to leave the system to activate our trades on your account 24/7, even when your computer is off, and without any involvement from yourself at all!

Please visit www.fx-auto.com for more information on opening an account today.


Forex618 and Fx-Auto are completely separate companies.

Forex 618 and its representatives or agents will not be held legally or morally liable or responsible for any losses incurred through auto trading, whether through trades taken within the risk parameters outlined on this site or not, and for any reason whatsoever, including hardware or software problems. All traders link our services with Fx-auto expressly at their own risk, and participation in any auto trading service using our signals implies that the risk and liability clauses in this paragraph are fully understood and agreed upon without reservation.

The decision to auto-trade our signals is the sole choice of the person receiving our signals, knowing that our recommendations are not a solicitation to take any live account position. Our signals are our opinion only and are sent to assist traders in making their own trading decisions.