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Mobile phone/PDA  alerts

If you cannot be at your computer all the time during our trading hours , you will need to know  how to get an instant SMS or email on a mobile phone or PDA.

There are two methods to ensure that, when we send an email for a trade signal, you will receive the message instantly on your computer, but ALSO on your mobile phone or PDA:

Method 1: Normal mobile/cell phones.

Most phone companies will allow you to set up an "email SMS alert" They will normally give you an email address which is linked to your phone. For example, if your mobile phone number is 1234567 and you use Vodafone as your service provider, they would give you an email address something like [email protected] for your email sms alerts. If you provide us with your mobile phone email address, you will receive an immediate SMS whenever we send out a trade signal to that address. The SMS will normally also contain enough detail from the email for you to see the trade instruction. If you think you can use this system please contact your mobile/cell phone company to find out how to set it up, and provide us with the mobile phone email address.

Method 2: Mobile phone/PDA with "push" technology.

Many phones and PDA's these days will allow you receive emails directly on your phone/PDA. For example, Blackberry phones (and many others) which are available in many countries, have this feature. It it is set up correctly, the moment we send an email to the designated email address, it will appear on your phone, with a sound alert if you need it. Once again, please contact the mobile phone providers in your area to find out more about this.

Both of these systems will allow you to receive our email alerts on your PC and your phone/PDA immediately, and this can prevent missing signals if you are not at your computer. Some of our clients use this system very successfully, and don't even have to be near a computer, as they can call their Forex broker directly by phone to place the orders.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]


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