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James de Wet, MSc.

James was born in London, UK in 1966. He was schooled at Woodridge College in South Africa, a boy's boarding school, and achieved academic colours. He completed undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Biochemistry at the University of Port Elizabeth before going on to study Engineering and Statistics at the University of Leeds, UK. where he graduated on both occasions with first class degrees.

James had an initial career at a research institute in South Africa, involved with engineering research and consulting to industry, before joining an international manufacturing company, where he was invited to join the Board of Directors at 29 years of age. After leaving them to start his own international consulting firm, James worked in a variety of countries, supplying manufacturing and management expertise.

James began trading the Forex markets in 1997, when it first became available to retail traders via the internet technology developing at the time. James has since gained enormous experience in Forex trading, including:

  • Seven years as a Forex advisor and regular contributor to sites such as and other high profile Forex news sites.

  • Seven years trading private funds for high net worth investors, with accounts of several million US dollars.

  • Experience trading a Forex portfolio for a major European bank, using a major inter-bank trading platform.

  • Trained over 100 Forex students in several countries in private and group seminars

  • Written a complete and unique training course for Forex students

  • Written two Forex books and countless articles, analyses and reviews

  • Currently running an advisory services for hundreds of private traders, plus contributing daily reports on major currencies to several high profile forums

James may be contacted at [email protected]

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