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From the Forex618 trading desk:

Dear Trader, Forex618 is a leader in providing traders with SAFE AND PROFITABLE Forex trading signals and analysis. Our services are delivered to the highest standards of INTEGRITY, using the most ADVANCED Forex systems available. We trade the MAJOR currencies - the British Pound, the Euro and the Yen against the US Dollar. Our Forex trading signals are designed to assist you to enter and exit the Forex market with precise, clear trade alerts, and to take the same trades as us. We have an excellent track record and pride ourselves on delivering one of the most professional service available in the market today. Try this new forex trading app for profitable Forex trading results. Join us as we harvest profits from the daily movements in the LARGEST market in the World - the International Currency Market.                                                                               

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We now have over 400 trading members! Choose one of our service options below and join us in making Forex profits today. We have done the groundwork for you to provide you with the best stock brokers uk 2021 so you are well informed before getting into the trade...

Option 1

G7 Daily analysis on major currencies

My daily report on three majors (EUR, GBP and JPY) detailing today's trading direction, strategy, chart levels, key support and resistance levels and daily important economic reports.






Option 2

G7 Daily analysis on major currencies PLUS instant signals service

This service includes Option 1 PLUS my signals service, providing you with instant alerts (email and on-line trading room) every time I personally take a trade.

Plus: G7 video library, member's forum, members chat room, email hotline, discounted payment options, auto-trading facility, software, weekly video reports, email training materials and more...



Option 3

The G7 Forex Book PLUS daily reports & instant signals service

Get options 1 and 2, PLUS, for a limited time only, you are able to download our complete trading system in the  E-book, "The G7 Forex Trading System" Learn how to trade for yourself!

Plus: G7 video library, member's forum, members chat room, email hotline, discounted payment options, auto-trading facility, software, weekly video reports, email training materials and more....



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Hundreds of traders can't be wrong! Scroll down to read what they say about us! 

I just wanted to thank you for such a quality product. In my newsletter we buy forex books that are under $100 and test their systems. My website is for the first time or frustrated forex trader. I want to commend you not only for your inexpensive product but also for your excellent and free trial of signals.

Moreover, I want to thank you for keeping your prices low. I am recommending it to my subscribers because they can start a mini account and it is still affordable and profitable for them I hope you keep your prices low. Thank you for giving back to the forex community. I feel like I have found a kindred spirit. Obviously I subscribed to your signals after making 300 + pips in both June and July. Feel free to use any or all of this as a testimonial. My subscribers will definitely hear about the G7 Forex trading system.

 Brian Sater, Owner, Provident Trading

Hello James -I just joined G7 a couple days ago, and already I am ahead of the game!!   Made 45 pips last night while sleeping. I am very impressed. Brian Sater told me about G7, and when Brian suggests something, I jump. Thank you for brining this great program to the world.  You are just what we little guy needed.

Ron W.

At this time, I am currently receiving your signals. I have used others signals, but I find yours to be better. You are actually showing us your trades and posting gains and loses as they happen. The other company that I was using did no such thing.... I look forward to trading with your expertise in directing us to many happy days. I also look forward to reading your book and see what makes this system tick. Thanks again....Many thanks again for your hard work and knowledge.

Raymond N.

"Impressive!"  To anyone out there I wholeheartedly recommend buying the book, the technique works, back testing will prove it in a heart beat.  However, why would anyone want to stop there?  We all live busy lives, most of us have other careers or goals and therefore can't afford to spend our time in front of our trading screens.  This is where the power of your signals service comes in.  I have been using it since I got it from the book, and in I am up 135 pips this month!  The best thing is, I get your signals on my email, execute and then forget because I know the rest is in your hands.  Clearly an awesome service.  Keep it up, I don't know that I would stay involved with FOREX if you were to stop running your service.  Just wish you ran more pairs - yeah, I admit it, I am a little greedy, but who isn't?
Dave, Georgia, USA

Dear Sir; I start using your signals one week ago. I use to play two contracts each time. I do make some changes in the stops (lost and limit) and I made last week almost 400 pips. I am Spanish speaker and my English is not very good. But I will be very happy to make a comment/testimonial, because I am really happy following your book and your signals.Thank you very much;

Rafael Perez

Hi Forex616( James), Its my pleasure to write a short comment/testimonial on your service and your wonderful e-book G7. As I started trading on the Forex market I got lost but luckily I found, offering his signal and wonderful G7 E-book. The G7 E-book showed me the direction and the way to be profitable trader. I can say he taught me  from A to Z everything you need about forex. Honestly, it's my guide book! I gain around 200 to 500 pips per month from the G7 system! Thanks James for everything,

SAUD, Kuwait.

Thank you for a brilliant service, I am very happy with your session signals and the new site looks great.

Brian S.

You guys are sharp. Your clear and cogent analysis of what is happening NOW in the forex market has gotten my attention. Please keep it up!


Brilliant service! Been making profits with this service for almost a year now and more positive than ever.

J. Botha

Surperb, I only have positive things to say about Your service. James is only too willing to answer any questions that I have. A must if you want to improve your trading.

Ryan G.

Dear James, we couldn't be happier with everything, but I've been out of town. Have been keeping abreast of things but not trading and don't expect to be for a couple of weeks. Nice to communicate with people who don't think we are crazy, as you know FX in US is not well known at all. Bottom line the profits are GREAT.

Kurt S.

Well done on an honest and sincere service in a tough industry that is hard to crack and etched with many suspicious service providers. Your "work" is consistent and spot on.

Neville S.

Your service is outstanding, I have been very satisfied. I am simply short on cash at the present time. I'll get back in touch with you as soon as I am able. Thanks very much! Jim.

James B. Jr.

As a part time trader, I have been trading in Forex market for years.  And I have realised that it is not very difficult to make money in this market a few times. But the most difficult things for individual investor/ trader is to continuously do well. I started using FX618 signal service from last December and since then I have been able to make profit continuously. Now I am considering trading full time by using this wonderful service, I never thought my dream comes true so quickly.

William S.

I just wanted to tell you that I'm very pleased with your results so far. You run a good signal service for a very reasonable price, and as someone who paid triple subscription fees than what you charge, to other services in the past, and got very poor results , I can appreciate an honest professional service when I see one, and yours is certainly that.

Tsvika I.

Hi, James, I'm  really happy to share with every one who is a forex trader that in my experience, since I begun to use Forex618, I am becoming a profitable  forex trader .....The signals and reports are coming in the e-mail every day simply and clearly. I recommended to any forex traders to take this opportunity to try use this way to becoming a profitable trader. I'm sure that every one can find something good in this good service. Good luck for every one. Warm regards


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